We Dance


“I’m so forgetful, but You always remind me … You’re the only one who brings me peace.”

We serve a God who is so intentional. We serve a God who weaves Himself in the most intricate of details, a God who makes Himself evident in every situation … if only we are willing to look.

I got a letter I wrote myself six months ago today. Six months ago I was in the bush somewhere in East Africa; my concerns were few and my heart was full. I had no idea what was happening back in America. I hadn’t talked to my friends or family in months. I was genuinely alone with God. His voice was so clear; it was as though I was sitting at His feet listening to Him speak over me.

The words I found in that letter today are a testament of God’s faithfulness.

The letter reads:

Dear Jordan,

What a beautiful reality God became to you last summer … Your Father romancing you and dancing with you, round and round, reminding you of the song He wrote for you; the song He sings over you. I don’t know what season you’re walking in right now … whether you’re in a season of intense joy or overwhelming mourning … but I do know that wherever you are, Christ is offering His hand asking you to dance, yet again. The offer is always there, you just have to be willing to accept it. Jesus is standing directly before us giving us an invitation to participate in life with Him. A couple things happen when we choose to accept His offer … obstacles that look absolutely impossible, aren’t. Impediments that you believe disqualify you, don’t. When you show up to participate with Jesus in life, you must realize you are now moving and breathing with the very one who created you in the first place. He is leaning across asking how you are and invites you to get better together with Him. You’re in this life for only a short time, it’s like a mist. Accept the invitation; He is sending it to you in every sunrise, in every sound of a bird tweeting, in the smell of coffee brewing. Take His hand. He adores you. Dance with Him. Listen for His still small voice coming through the wind. Lean in. He is right there.

These words captivated me. How sweet is our Lord, Jesus Christ. While I was in Africa, God knew the chaos happening back in America. God spoke these words to me before I even knew why. God knew, He knew I would come home only to find out one of my dearest friends was dead. He knew I would come home and have to watch my dad’s illness continue to take away his every capability. He knew the pain that was coming. He knew the mourning standing before me. HE KNEW IT ALL.

This changes everything. The consistency of God changes everything. His faithfulness … it changes everything.

Stop for a second and look around you. Take in a deep breath. Close your eyes. For me, it’s the last six months I need to reflect on. For you, it may be different. Look how far God has brought you. Look at the things He has done for you simply because He is madly in love with you.

Let us not be so quick to forget the goodness of God. Let us not be so quick to forget the peace He speaks over us. Instead, let our cry be to dwell in His house for all our days. May we take Him by the hand and be romanced by Him. May we stop and remember … treasure His presence.

“You steady me, slow and sweet, we sway, You take the lead and I will follow. I’m finally ready now to close my eyes and just believe that You won’t lead me where You don’t go. When my faith gets tired and my hope seems lost, You spin me round and round and remind me of that song, the one You wrote for me, and we dance.” (Bethel Music, We Dance)


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